Semester Show Choir class

Show choir is the combination of song and dance within a stage performance. Our show choir classes gradually increase in level of difficulty, challenge students as they grow older, and allow them to experience a wide variety of song and dance. The semester will include performances throughout the community, and will end in a final spring concert! The performances are not mandatory, but will give your kid fun opportunities to perform with all students in their group. It will also help them increase their stage performance confidence and technique.

Registration Fee: $40. Costume fee $45.

Sibling discount: Sibling after the first student is a 10% discount. Due at registration & non-refundable. See the Payment options below

Tuition table

The "Spotlights": Age 4-8

In this introduction to show choir, our youngest students learn the basics of singing and coordinating with movement. They end the semester performing on stage as a group, while standing on risers. Their performance immensely boosts their confidence and prepares them for future classes.

The "Treblemakers": 4th-10th grade

In this class students also begin to learn how to command stage. Students become even more comfortable on stage, and continue to refine their vocal performance skills. Their performances have a wider variety of songs, dances and an increased level of difficulty musically.