What we do

1. Music lessons and year around classes-See "Show Choir" sections

a. Private voice lessons

b. Private beginner piano lessons

c. Group show choir singing and dancing classes which will result in various community performances.

2. Theatre lessons and group classes-See "theatre" section

a. Private drama lessons

b. Group drama classes for preschool and school aged students

c. Musical Theatre classes

d. Auditioned drama groups

3. Dance lessons and classes--See "dance" section

a. Toddler, preschool and school aged dance classes

b. Acro jazz classes

c. Auditioned team dance

d. Private lessons

4. Camps

CSC camps during the summer and winter will give kids ages 5-18 an opportunity to learn to sing 4-6 musical numbers with professional choral directors. They will learn to use proper vocal technique for music reading and musical expression with developmentally appropriate show literature. They will also work with a professional choreographer to prepare dance numbers and stage techniques for performing while singing.

The camps will last for 3-5 days at various times throughout the year. Each rehearsal day will last for 3-4 hours, and will conclude with a final dress rehearsal day and public performance on a theater stage.